As soon as i could walk I would dance to whatever music I heard lol

Hey everyone or anyone who is reading this, follow me please! Cause I'm a pretty fricken awesome person : p
Music gives me inspiration to do things i never thought i could do. It gives me inspiration, and a lot of answers to my questions. Listen to music, see what it does for you. :)
Tenieka M.
No matter how hard it might be, or what the conditions are, always forgive. In the long run you will be happy that you made this decision. :)
Tenieka M.
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed of who you are and the person in the mirrior. If people don’t like you, don’t let that effect the life ahead of you, because there are millions of people in the world, chances are not everyone will like you. So just ignore them, be kind to them, don’t let them change your intentions in life, or who you are, just keep going. :)
Tenieka M.
When things happen in life, that is not the time to give up. That is the time to embrace it, don’t let go of your dreams, have fun with it, and don’t regret.
Tenieka M.
Time of Darkness

In the time of darkness when nothing seems right keep moving forward and forget the people who give up on you, and no matter how hard it might be, keeping pushing forward and stay strong. You won’t regret it. :)